Claire Backer
Project Engineer
Jost Chemical Co.
St. Louis, MO

“Manufacturing jobs are high paying jobs, which allow lower income people, especially those with a high school only or less education, to enter the middle class. The middle class is crucial to the well-being of our society and economy.”

Claire is an exceptional leader who has used her talents to share her vision and harness the potential of others on her team to garner outstanding results.  She leveraged her technical expertise and excellent interpersonal skills in her beginning role at Jost as the only female engineer in a group of other project engineers, process engineers, maintenance trade workers and operators.   Her guidance and impact were so strong that the group achieved previously-unaccomplished successes, and set the stage for subsequent teams.  From outstanding project management and communication, so that all team members are continually informed, to her willingness to participate and be part of the solution, Claire is simply with whom people love to work.

Claire came to Jost with nearly twenty years of experience, including a range of technical successes that enhanced processes, resulted in efficiencies, and generated revenue.  Claire firmly believes in learning from challenges, and applying that knowledge to benefit others.  Throughout her career, she has been quick to assess a situation, address it, document the process, and share her experience for the betterment of others.

Claire is also a proponent of social responsibility, and is active in two programs at Jost that focus on this:  providing funding and resources for The Salvation Army, Jost’s designated philanthropy, as well as focusing on producing products that are in the best interests of society.  She has also committed to community and professional organizations outside of work including Engineer-In-Training (EIT), Omega Chi Epsilon (chemical engineering honor society, president and vice-president), the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (secretary) and the Society of Women Engineers.

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