Kimberly Arrigoni
Haberman Machine
St. Paul, MN

“Considering a career in manufacturing versus ‘just trying it on for size’ is an investment that one makes to become an artist of a different level.  Making parts and impacting the world is worth the energy it takes to learn the lifelong disciplines that go along with this industry.”

Kimberly’s focus is on growing her people, helping them switch from viewing work as a “job” to an emphasis on “career”.  To help employees become better qualified, she instituted an in-house apprenticeship program registered with the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry that utilizes nationally recognized NIMS Credentials to certify employee capability. The program, using trainers from within the company, as well as outside tutors for math and special topics, is currently engaged with over 20 apprentices, upgrading their performance from operator to machinist with the hopes of reducing
their skills gap. By growing the capability of her team, Kimberly recognizes that Haberman Machine will be better prepared to deliver the challenging products that their customers require.

Kimberly credits her parents with instilling in her the desire to do whatever it takes to keep the business going.  They provided mentorship in growing the business, and she has learned to be open to the wisdom and experience offered by others, and in turn share her own talents with those who need it.

Kimberly is also dedicated to her family, a feeling she brings to the organization as she supports employees and their families.  Aside from actively participating in her sons’ lives, she finds time to participate in a range of local, regional and national boards where others benefit from her thoughtful commitment to growing future resources.

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