Monica Arias
Senior Manufacturing Engineer
Pratt & Whitney  

East Hartford, CT

“I’m passionate about manufacturing because it is such an exciting field to be in. It requires technical knowledge while allowing you to be hands-on with your job. It doesn’t keep you at your desk designing all day. Instead you get to see things come to life.”

Monica has had the chance to grow her technical skills, her knowledge of manufacturing processes and her leadership skills as she has taken on roles in a variety of departments during her career at Pratt & Whitney.  She has the technical expertise and confidence to make decisions and process changes that positively impact the business. She has led many projects that have reduced the cost of poor quality for the business unit. She shows extensive knowledge of the lean manufacturing principles and is able to identify and resolve top process issues, reduce process variation, and implement standard work. 

Monica is currently the only female manufacturing engineer in the module center. She exhibits poise, confidence, professionalism and technical expertise. Monica has learned to work with a wide range of personalities and backgrounds. Her ability to adapt makes it possible for her to excel in difficult situations, achieving positive results. Monica has shown that she is able to handle multiple priorities and take on new challenges while keeping a positive attitude. She has built a network of people and mentors who are always willing to help her.

She also shares her talents outside of work.  She has been an active member of e-Buddies, an organization that promotes social inclusion online for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, since 2005.

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