Grace Allen
Plant Manager
Procter and Gamble
Cincinnati, OH

"I am passionate about manufacturing because it is a place that continuously changes to deliver improved quality, productivity and costs through the capability of its workforce. I love working with people and seeing them grow. In manufacturing, developing a team with common goals is essential and then seeing the vision of the team come to fruition is truly rewarding.”

Grace has made game-changing contributions in her 28-year career with Procter & Gamble across four locations and in a range of roles.  In each capacity Grace delivered exceptional results that improved reliability and impacted the bottom line.  In 2009, Grace was awarded Procter & Gamble’s prestigious “Diamond Award” for long-term manufacturing excellence, the highest recognition possible from the company known for developing leadership and for inventing participative manufacturing management. In her current role she manages the largest P&G plant in the world, in Lima Ohio.  Under her leadership, reliability, safety, quality, and productivity have improved.  

Grace is an exceptional role model who balances work with family and community service.  She has led successful United Way campaigns, been active in Rotary Club, and even represented Procter & Gamble at a luncheon with President Bush.  She stands firmly on her personal values, and is successful in the professional setting because of this inner strength.  As a result of her own experience moving around the country with her family to serve P&G and adapting to different cultures, she is widely respected.  She strongly supports working parents, dual career couples, and coaches developmental managers.

She is known for delivering results and improvements, taking on difficult work, rising to lead our largest operation, and never forgetting where she came from or changing who she is.

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