Megan Agrafiotis
Manufacturing Engineering Manager
LORD Corporation
Erie, PA

“If you are passionate, develop the right group of individuals based on a focused vision, achieve their buy-in, and give them the proper tools and coaching, they will be successful. It is also important to acknowledge the success of both the team and the individuals that support team.“

Megan credits her focus on lean engineering with her successes and increased responsibilities throughout her career at Lord Corporation.  Over the years she’s worked as a manufacturing engineer, manager of the new product introduction group, and now as the manufacturing engineering manager.   From the completion of 21 capital investment projects on-schedule and on-budget to leading nine green belt projects to heading eight stream mapping events, Megan’s constant emphasis on improvements and efficiencies which save resources, time, and ultimately money have led to highly successful track record.  In her current role, Megan has led her manufacturing engineering group to $1.5 MM in savings in the short year and one half since she took charge.  She is an exceptional team player, who communicates her passion to help others embrace a shared vision, create buy-in and coach them to excellent results.

Megan credits her father’s thirty-five year career in manufacturing as perhaps the strongest factor in her decision to take this path.  His industry knowledge, rapport with his colleagues, and work integrity showed her that manufacturing serves a key role and offers a wealth of opportunities.  Megan also acknowledges a life-long love of math and science as impetus for her career choice.  As a student she participated in various science competitions, and continues to be a role model for young women interested in math and science by participating in various programs including Women in Engineering Day, Math Counts for Girls, Math Options, and by conducting plant tours where she hopes her enthusiasm sparks an interest.

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