Stephanie Adams
Director, Plant Operations
Accuform Manufacturing, Inc.
Brooksville, FL

“Domestic manufacturing creates jobs. It also allows us to be technology and innovation leaders. Manufacturing in the US enables us to supply our own needs. There is great pride in the words 'Made in the U.S.A.'. We take it one step further and say 'Safely made in the U.S.A.'.”

Stephanie has direct oversight of the organization’s multi-million dollar manufacturing floor as well as oversight of a multi-million dollar order flow through three production facilities in Brooksville, Florida and a warehouse in Toronto, Ontario. Stephanie offers unique insight into the customer base that has enabled her to implement just-in-time production of stock items and programs like "Quick Ship", which allows Accuform to manufacture and ship fully customized products in 24-hours or less.

Stephanie’s career wound a unique path from the manufacturing floor to her leadership position today.  She started as the company’s receptionist nearly 20 years ago.   From there, she travelled through the ranks from account management to director of customer service, director of purchasing, and finally on to her current role.  She is now also a member of the Executive Leadership Team.   Her rise has been remarkable, but even more remarkable is her invaluable knowledge of the organization. Stephanie is an integral player on the Accuform team.

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