Sandy Abel
Mountville, PA

“Being able to dream, create, and build- you can drive your own destiny. It is important for our nation to be able to respond to ever-changing needs and if we can dream it we need to be able to create and build it. It is important that we rely on our own resources in this country so we are not dependent on anyone else.”

Sandy actualizes opportunities to bring vision and dreams into reality. In the past 12 years, Sandy has helped direct Micro Facture’s growth and investments, balancing strategic thinking with tactical execution while creating an atmosphere that promotes creativity.  Under her leadership, Micro Facture has embraced technologies to support new product development and improve efficiencies. Sandy has driven an investment in equipment that provides time and cost savings for customers, and she encourages staff development through training courses.  As a result of investments in people and equipment, Micro Facture is a world-class supplier of precision-machined parts with full-scale production capabilities. 

Sandy nurtures and encourages staff to try new concepts and follow what they believe to be true, but at the same time take calculated risks.  She expects and gives thorough communication, open mindedness and honesty. As a result, her staff is empowered to make decisions and know they will be held accountable. 

Her personal experience have shaped her life and are reflected in how she approaches work, family, and volunteer efforts.  Over the years, she’s embraced the outlook that there are no road blocks, just more tenacity needed to achieve the tasks at hand.  Her optimism and faith are integral in all she does, and help make her the exceptional person she is.

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