Lisa Witte
Vice President and General Manager
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Tewksbury, MA

“Manufacturing is critical to our country’s future as it is the engine that drives future growth and creates jobs for millions of Americans.  Manufacturing also has a collateral effect on job growth in related areas such as legal, finance, research and development, product and process engineering.  This has a significant impact on our nation’s economic stability.”

As Vice President and General Manager for Thermo Fisher's Portable Analytical Instruments business unit, Lisa is responsible for the financial and market performance of an innovative portfolio of portable scientific instruments allowing commercial customers to conduct remote analysis at unprecedented levels of precision.  Lisa is responsible for driving revenue growth and profit margins while delivering an excellent customer experience.  She manages a team comprised of product management, research and development, manufacturing operations, sales, service, marketing, finance, and HR.
Lisa joined the company in 2009 when U.S. manufacturing was most challenged.  She led the business line through a reorganization resulting in a 400% improvement in product vitality and a four-fold patent portfolio increase.  Lisa was able to rally her business with keen motivational leadership and management to deliver new, innovative products to customers.

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