Racquel Willis
Lead Person
Governair, LLC
Oklahoma City, OK

“I’m proud that I am the first female Sheetmetal Leadperson for our company.  I started at ‘the bottom’ and helped define the roles played by others on my shift, gradually working my way into authority.  It is gratifying to know that my work ethic and character are recognized by management.”

Racquel manages a crew of second shift sheet metal workers.  She is in charge of coordinating personnel and machinery to produce metal objects used in the manufacturing of highly customized commercial HVAC units.  Each day's instructions and needs are unique.  Racquel communicates these instructions and needs to her team and makes certain that they are carried out as required.
Racquel first trained herself, and then trained numerous employees how to use break machines and other sheet metal machinery.  She assumed responsibility for the team members on her shift.  Racquel manages output requirements, consistently meeting daily production goals while providing a nurturing learning atmosphere for the men she leads. Those that she leads are very loyal to her, and turnover has remained very low in her department.

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