Dr. Ellen Williams
Chief Scientist
BP plc
London, United Kingdom

“A strong manufacturing base provides the know-how and motivation to support technical innovation which, in turn, is essential to keeping the manufacturing base healthy.  Together, manufacturing and technical innovation provide jobs and help improve our quality of life through better products at lower costs to our environment.”

Dr. Williams supports the science that underpins BP’s technology programs, assessments and strategic technology research.
Ellen developed the initial advisory oversight structure for BP’s Gulf Research Initiative, and led a multi-university research program on natural resource constrains in the context of energy (the Energy Sustainability Challenge), helping assess the potential natural resource impact of the industry during a period of forecasted rising global energy demand.
She is a member of the National Academy of Sciences, and has received awards from the American Physical Society and the Materials Research Society.  Dr. Williams serves on the U.S. National Research Council Policy, Global Affairs Division’s Oversight Committee, the Electric Power Research Institute's Advisory Council and the State Department International Security Advisory Board.  Her outstanding contributions in the industry have led to many awards and recognitions.

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