Dollie Unger 
Warehouse Supervisor
HOERBIGER Corp. of America, Inc.
Pompano Beach, FL

“I believe that Manufacturing is the largest contribution to our economy's growth.  From coast to coast, there are manufacturing companies that employ people, producing everything from the water you drink to the car you drive and the gas that heats your home.  Without these ingenuities, we would not prosper as a country.”

Dollie is responsible for all material inventory control and material movement functions for HOERBIGER.  She expertly leads a staff responsible for daily receipt, picking, and movement of over $7 million in inventory.
During her fifteen-year career with HOERBIGER, Dollie has established herself as a consummate team leader, leading change implementation for manufacturing systems, inventory storage systems, and implementing new facility layouts to facilitate expansions in the business.  Dollie makes sure jobs are done correctly, accurately and on-time. She is constantly reviewing processes and transactions to make sure the job is done right.  When mistakes are made, Dollie’s sole interest is customer satisfaction, identifying areas of concern and implementing processes to make sure the issue is fully resolved.  Her knowledge, positive attitude and attention to detail make Dollie a major asset to HOERBIGER success.

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