Barbara Suski
QA Lead Analyst
Bison Gear & Engineering
St. Charles, IL

“My very first job was in manufacturing and I’ve remained fascinated ever since.  To be a part of the evolution of Quality Systems within manufacturing during the past few decades has been rewarding and fulfilling.  I eagerly await the next challenge!”

As lead inspector for Bison's Quality Assurance Department, Barbara is responsible for continuously improving the QA processes in the department to reduce non-value-adding activities using the tools of Lean Manufacturing and coordinating the activities of three other inspectors, ensuring that Bison’s production areas have quick response to first article inspections.
Barbara consistently demonstrates her commitment to improving work processes and dedication to helping Bison develop co-working by sharing her knowledge and training others within and outside the QA Department. She develops leadership skills by integrating herself into the production processes and working side-by-side with workers to troubleshoot problems and implement effective corrective actions. This willingness to help others and communicate daily with co-workers and management has made her contributions critical to maintaining Bison’s level of increased productivity and satisfaction with customers.

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