Jacki Strauss
Manager, Technical Services
Paulsboro Refining Company
Paulsboro, NJ

“Manufacturing is critically important to our economy and is needed to provide stability today and for future generations.  Manufacturing helps the economy by providing jobs domestically.  Many of these jobs are vital to American technology, innovation, and leadership, which are key for our country’s success.”

Since joining Paulsboro Refinery in 2000, Jacki has filled several important roles, including Process Engineer, Planning Engineer, and most recently, Technical Services Manager.  Jacki supervises a team of five chemical engineers and is responsible for ensuring her team provides a high level of support to the organization.  Whether through unit monitoring, optimization recommendations, operating guidelines, or unit troubleshooting, Jacki contributes greatly to development of the refinery capital program and new business opportunities.
Jacki’s contributions have materially benefited the refinery through margin improvement, operating expense reduction and reliability improvement initiatives. One example of her numerous contributions is the role she played responding to a tube failure in a propane deasphalting unit.  Jacki provided the key insight during the root cause failure investigation leading to a metallurgical upgrade that will provide a more safe and reliable operation.

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