Erikka Storch
Chief Financial Officer
Ohio Valley Steel Company
Wheeling, WV

“Manufacturing is the production of goods for use or sale using labor, machines, tools, chemical and biological processing, or formulation.   In my opinion, manufacturing is the top of the pyramid.  Through manufacturing, people are compensated and able to spend those monies on other items like goods and services.”

Erikka plays a key role in the day-to-day operations at Ohio Valley Steel Company.  As partial owner, CFO and project manager she oversees the Human Resource Department, managing 401k, profit sharing, and job meetings.  Erikka negotiates union and management contracts, manages the safety program and is a key member of the quality control department.
The current owner of the Ohio Valley Steel Company is retiring.  With the need for the company to maintain a licensed general contractor on staff, Erikka brushed up on general contracting and passed the licensing test. She dedicated herself knowing every department and phase of the business.
On top of her responsibilities and involvements in the manufacturing industry and as a working mother, Erikka currently serves as a West Virginia Delegate of the 80th Legislature.

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