Dr. Joan Schork
Chief Engineer-Process Safety
Air Products
Allentown, PA

“There is nothing better than being part of a team that brings a new plant on line or an older one to a new level of performance.  I love to be there, to see the realization of the ideas and the design calculations, to be part of making something.”

Dr. Schork provides technical leadership by identifying and mitigating process safety related risks in all business areas.  A significant component of her responsibility involves determining and minimizing the consequences of process safety related events.  She relies heavily on her extensive technical expertise as well as the expertise of her teams to identify root causes of safety events and improve processes.

Dr. Schork has made a number of significant contributions in a wide range of technologies. Her contributions to adsorption processes have produced substantial savings to Air Product’s multi-billion-dollar industrial gas businesses.  Dr. Schork is a named co-inventor on three U.S. Patents, has published in nine refereed technical and business publications and has presented or co-authored at numerous national and international engineering conferences.

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