Liz Russell
Division Manager,
Stella-Jones Corporation
Bangor, WI

“Be prepared to be flexible – new opportunities will come if you show that you’re an employee that’s willing to learn something new.  Be a team player – don’t think you have to do everything yourself.  Develop the employees who work for you – even if it’s 'faster to just do it yourself.'”

As the first female Division Manager at Stella Jones, Liz directs and coordinates production department activities by applying her knowledge of production methods, processes, machines, equipment, plant layout, and production capacities. She reviews production orders and schedules while planning production operations, preparing operational schedules and coordinating manufacturing activities.  Liz examines production and operating reports and resolves problems before they affect the bottom line.  She inspects machines and equipment and improves operational practices.
Liz was instrumental in educating suppliers on the cost of sawing lumber verses sawing railroad ties, increasing the procurement base of available railroad ties by 20%. She partnered with the corporate Environmental Health and Safety team to solve wastewater issues and created a solution that increased capacity and deflected a potential $2 million expense. 

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