Kimberly Rosenberry
Production Coordinator / Manufacturing Lead
Miltec UV
Stevensville, MD

“I am very passionate about manufacturing because I take a lot of pride in my work. To see a quality made product, that I helped produce, gives me a great sense of success. I am very proud to say “I made that” and know that whatever it is, it will help someone in a positive way.”

As Manufacturing Lead, Kimberly plays a key role in Miltec UV’s manufacturing of power supplies for UV curing systems.  Kimberly manages scheduling, training and management of test systems.

Kimberly went above and beyond the contribution expected from a manufacturing lead, participating in production line startup.  She developed production tracking systems, quality management systems, and managed all aspects of getting production online.  Kimberly learned all aspects of the manufacturing process, wrote work instructions and subsequently trained all assemblers. She displayed outstanding initiative, far beyond her job description, mastering an area where she had little previous experience.

Through hard work and dedication, Kimberly has recently earned a promotion to Production Coordinator.

Kimberly’s success has inspired her further her education and commit to attaining a degree in Electrical Engineering.

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