Becky Rieger
Braun Northwest, Inc.
Chehalis, WA

“The advice I have for someone entering manufacturing is to learn from those around you, never give up and never stop learning. When things don’t work out the first time or as planned, learn from the mistake and see how to incorporate that solution in the future.”

Becky takes design objectives from customers and creates complete, custom design packages for fabrication of their emergency vehicles.  The work entails clarification of design constraints, evaluation of unique customer requirements, creation of integrated module design, and detailed design layout for fabrication.  Becky uses CAD and other electronic tools to produce her design documents.
Most emergency vehicle manufacturers are able to meet customers' basic requirements with standard product features.  What makes Becky's work unique is her engagement to confirm each customer's functional objectives and to create the custom design that best meets those objectives.  This entails a balance between functional effectiveness and fabrication efficiency to ensure that the features meet or exceed customer expectations while delivering best economy to the purchaser and best performance for the end user.

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