Dr. Myrna Reyes
R & D Applications Engineer
Farmington, CT

“It gives me great satisfaction helping my colleagues in the company from Engineering, Training, Service, Sales and Final Assembly. That inter-departmental experience provides a wide-open view of the whole manufacturing process that I love.”

Within TRUMPF Inc.’s R&D Division, Dr. Reyes is both technical expert and relationship manager.  Dr. Reyes is responsible for qualifying new laser systems for material processing and developing new cutting technology and cutting tables.  In addition, Dr. Reyes is responsible for new sensor technology for material processing.  She analyzes the behavior of new mirrors in TRUMPF lasers and coordinates serial production of new machines with the production departments.  In addition, she acts as liaison with TRUMPF in Mexico for technical trade shows and demonstrations.
Dr. Reyes has proven a dependable and adaptable problem solver.  She possesses not only the technical knowledge to address problems, but also the strong relationship management skills to get the right people involved.

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