Dr. Rona Pepmeier
Executive Master Black Belt
Rolls-Royce North America
Indianapolis, IN

“I am passionate about manufacturing because it involves the transformation of materials into a useful product that can positively impact people lives – including everything from pharmaceuticals and medical devices to communication and transportation means to food and recreational activities.  There are opportunities for everyone to participate in this transformational career.”

Dr. Pepmeier has over twenty years of manufacturing experience and currently champions the deployment of lean six sigma methods across Rolls-Royce businesses.   She applies advanced change management skills focused on the need to develop simplified, scalable and standardized organizational processes.  Using highly effective communication and inspirational approaches, Rona works with business leaders to define the strategic needs to best respond to business challenges.
Dr. Pepmeier joined Rolls-Royce in 1998 as a Production Systems Engineer and Lean Manufacturing Facilitator.  She succeeded in multiple operational roles, including Operations Director for a $100M business unit, before becoming a “go-to” continuous improvement resource.  She is an Executive Master Black Belt, and is trusted to mentor and accredit other Master Black Belts.  Rona has published widely in her field and received numerous awards.
Rona’s greatest impact has been on the people she has coached and mentored in professional and career development.  She brings excitement and enthusiasm motivating people to achieve more than they believed possible.

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