Tammie R. Nelson
CWS/Welding Tech.
Beloit, KS

“There is a talent you have that can be used in manufacturing today.  Be enthusiastic about the prospects of a job in manufacturing, have confidence in yourself to try something new, and know that you can do most anything you put your mind to.”

AGCO recently undertook a pilot project as one of the first facilities to implement a new, sophisticated welding data management system.  Because of her firsthand welding knowledge, and technical competence, Tammie was chosen to champion the implementation.
Tammie had the vision to guide the software setup and configuration as well as the leadership and professionalism to overcome resistance and bring change to the factory floor. Tammie faced implementation challenges head on, working shoulder-to-shoulder with many of the welding operators to help them successfully transition to the new way of doing business.  Tammie not only successfully guided the implementation; she is now pushing the system to its full capability and has partnered to suggest improvements for future implementations.

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