Amalie Lyday
Product Development Chemist
Walex Products Company, Inc.
Leland, NC

“My passion about manufacturing is the challenge of turning raw materials into finished goods.  Each product stage of development provides a variety of paths to be taken, a puzzle.  Solving the puzzle through all stages of development enables me to use my scientific knowledge and my creativity.”

Amalie's product development skill and close working relationships with manufacturing ensure Walex products are commercialized effectively.  Amalie has been instrumental in significantly increasing Walex Products sales.  Her strong chemistry background and knowledge aids her in yielding one-of-a-kind new products.

Amalie developed the first cleaning tablet product line for consumer markets in 2007 without any formal training.  Demand for this innovative new tablet has grown, resulting in increased production with new product lines, and the creation of new production jobs.

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