Teresa Lee
Systems Development & Integration Manager
NCI Group, Inc.
Houston, TX

“Be open to new challenges and explore various positions within the industry that enables growth.  Make a point to understand the “Why’s” behind anything you are given the opportunity to learn and/or experience.  Our industry can have an “It’s always been done that way” stigma, but always be open with new ideas and recommendations for improvements.”

Teresa develops and implements new process improvements and scrutinizes existing processes for efficiency and quality gains.  Working with internal and external customers, Teresa draws upon numerous resources to identify process improvement opportunities and generate enhancements to customer experience.
Teresa has unique insight into the overall life of a building order and the many functional groups involved throughout its life cycle, allowing her to identify issues before they arise.  She then focuses resources within those groups, seeking and integrating a solution for developing a process with a higher rate of return for the company.  Teresa's leadership has lead to revenue increases of 500% and growing. Teresa continually strives for excellence and always has the customer foremost in mind.

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