Kelly Hagedorn
Kifco Inc
Havana, IL

“Manufacturing gives me the opportunity to have diversity in my day.  I spend one day working on financial aspects and the next making decisions on the shop floor.  This is an environment like no other, offering so many opportunities to continually expand my knowledge as products and technologies change and develop.”

As President and CFO of Kifco, Kelly manages all aspects of production, purchasing, accounting, engineering, product support, marketing, sales, staff management, production scheduling and inventory control.  Kelly has successfully implemented a Lean manufacturing and office environment, with a culture of continuous improvement.
Kelly managed Kifco through the economic downturn and rebound, without unnecessary layoffs through improved purchasing, vendor management and production controls.  This resulted in a dramatic reduction in lead-times, which allowed Kifco to effectively utilize working capital and produce products more efficiently in a sales growth environment.  Kelly's leadership has dramatically improved Kifco's position as a domestic manufacturer of irrigation equipment.  Her ability to successfully manage inventory without producing large quantities, prior to the season, truly exemplifies Lean, just-in-time manufacturing.

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