Elin Gabriel 
Chief Operating Officer
Pine Brook, NJ

“Personally I am passionate about manufacturing because I love to create things and understand how things work. On a professional level, I view manufacturing as the engine to provide good jobs for all skill levels and to develop technical leadership and management skills, these are key requirements for U.S. success.”

As Chief Operating Officer, Elin is responsible for the global operations of Alvogen.  Her scope of work includes creating and executing contemporary manufacturing and supply chain strategies to complement strategic business plans.
Elin has spent more than 20 years in manufacturing and supply chain management.  She holds herself and her team to a high standard of operational excellence and has a track record of continuously improving all aspects of operations she leads.  Elin has committed her entire professional life to advancing Manufacturing and Supply Chain excellence for companies around the world.  Prior to joining the Alvogen leadership team, she was the senior VP for Croatia Operations and Barr-Teva Operation Integrations at Teva Pharmaceuticals.  Previously, she served as the Executive Vice President of Global Supply Chain and West-European operations for Actavis Group.

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