Cindy Dyrda
Meyer Tool & Manufacturing Inc.
Oak Lawn, IL

“Manufacturing is the final step of every outstanding idea or dream.  It evolves and reaches higher and farther as the dreams of every inventor/dreamer reaches higher and farther.  It’s exciting and inspiring. Someone’s dream becomes real, three dimensional.”

Cindy supports the mission of Meyer Tool & Manufacturing Inc., enhancing company reputation and customer satisfaction through a dedication to quality.  Her professionalism, communication, creativity in problem solving and dedication are an inspiration to others.
Cindy promotes manufacturing by sharing her passion with others.  She is dedicated to solving problems and promoting solutions for some of the world’s most important high energy physics, aerospace and defense projects, projects like finding quarks and next generation space travel.  After 9/11, Cindy worked hand-in-hand with a company designing vessels for the soldiers to wear on their backs to detect radioactive weapons.
Supervisors, and sometimes the engineers themselves, choose Cindy for projects because she is an organized, personable, aggressive with finesse, problem solver that is 100% hands-on.

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