Dr. Julia DiCorleto
General Manager
Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics
Aurora, OH

“I genuinely love manufacturing.  Understanding how things work and being able to explore new things and bring new technology to the world is simply fun!  I also love the collaborative nature of manufacturing – it is truly a team sport where one must engage with all facets of an organization.”

As General Manager of a global business, Dr. DiCorleto is responsible for all aspects of the business, including manufacturing operations, marketing, sales, and product development.  Julia manages executive interaction with key customers, suppliers, and channel partners, developing new sales opportunities while maintaining and growing solid business relationships.
Dr. DiCorleto is a skilled leader and developer of people.  She advocates the recognition, growth, and mentoring of talent in technical, operational, and administrative fields & functions.  Under Julia’s leadership, Saint-Gobain has grown significantly faster than the markets it serves and enjoyed increased cash generation.  Dr. DiCorleto previously sat on the University of Connecticut Chemical Engineering Advisory Board and the Polymer Science Advisory Board.

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