Bethanne DeArmitt
Somerset Welding & Steel, Inc.
Boswell, PA

“Our country was created by the hard work and intellect of those who came before us.  To keep our country strong and competitive, we need our manufacturing industry to grow and produce quality products.  The strength and pride of our workers' abilities is what will carry our country forward.”

Bethanne is a welder, fabricating critical sub assemblies used in the construction of finished trailers.  Bethanne entered manufacturing through a non-traditional route, being hired away from a position at a local bank.  She is an accomplished welder, but what sets her apart is the example she provides to others considering the welding profession.
Somerset frequently hosts tours for regional educators and economic development professionals.  Bethanne is held up as an example of what is possible when tapping into the non-traditional labor market to address the current labor shortage.  Bethanne also provides inspiration and encouragement to co-workers new to manufacturing.  For some, this is their first time working in heavy manufacturing.  The learning curve can be intimidating.  Through Bethanne’s example and encouragement, these new workers find their confidence restored.

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