Molly Conn
Production Manager
HOERBIGER Corporation of America, Inc.
Pompano Beach, FL

“Innovation and manufacturing are the backbone of what made this nation great.  The Industrial Revolution had a profound effect on per capita economic growth.  America is home to some of the greatest engineering, manufacturing and industrial minds in history (Edison, Franklin, Ford, Jobs).  A strong manufacturing community keeps our nation at the forefront of technology and provides careers to her people. Producing a product with your hands generates pride in a craftsman.  Manufacturing provides opportunity.  A thriving manufacturing community is vital to our nation’s economic health.” 

As the Production Manager for Plant 1, Molly plans, manages and directs manufacturing activities to achieve efficient and economical production while maintaining the highest standard of quality and volume requirements.  This has resulted in the plant achieving its forecasted growth and investment return goals.
Molly’s product knowledge and manufacturing expertise played an instrumental role in shaping factory layout to develop optimal product cell families.  She matched manufacturing technology with product design requirements, resulting in formation of high volume, rapid response manufacturing cells, balanced with the correct number and type of machines and staffed with flexible manpower.  Molly implemented Lean manufacturing tools, improving production efficiency over 20% and reducing throughput time by 50%.
Molly serves on the Board of Directors and is the Treasurer of the South Florida chapter of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers.  She also successfully completed Six Sigma Black Belt certification.

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