Terri Chicosky
Quality Manager & Product Development Specialist
West Deptford, NJ

“My role models are my family – they taught the importance of hard work and the pride to be found in a job well done.  From steel mill to dress mill, bottle plant or ship yard, they exemplified the work ethic of an earlier generation and passed it forward.”

Terri is charged with overseeing LAMATEK’s quality program including product testing and development.  She designs, develops and maintains information systems and knowledge bases which house critical technical data, vendor information, cost estimating data and other key reporting tools.
Terri has executed a number of major efforts over the last year with skill and precision.  She was the driving force behind LAMATEK’s first ISO certification. In addition, she organized the management team to prepare a Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan.
Terri worked to develop infrastructure, training systems and a shared knowledge base.  The availability and usability of the shared knowledge base freed LAMATEK to hire employees with zero manufacturing background and quickly & effectively train them and offer them resources to grow with the manufacturing company.

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