Laurie Chandley
Director of Manufacturing Services
Southeastern Container, Inc
Enka, NC

“I enjoy working with a broad group of people in every facet of the manufacturing organization.  Producing something and seeing it in the marketplace brings a special reward and sense of pride.  Every day is a challenge and brings new opportunities to learn and grow in your position.”

Laurie has enjoyed great success during her rise from the production floor to Director of Manufacturing Services.  Out of ten company start-up plants, hers was the fastest to profitability.  Laurie led a shipping transition resulting in $2.8 million in savings. She heads a recycling program generating $400K in savings.
Laurie is a role model for young women in production.  Her energy and her willingness to go the extra mile, coupled with a desire to inspire others, are characteristics that go beyond dollars and cents.  Laurie is a true leader in that she will stand her ground and support her team.   She has a good balance of technical and leadership skills and is an individual who is pleasant to work with and empowers others.

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