Norma Byron
Ashlawn Energy LLC
Painesville, Ohio

“Manufacturing is the engine that turns ideas into enterprises.   It seeks continuous improvements that provide better products and works to create a better, more bountiful society.”

Ashlawn Energy is at the forefront of multi-megawatt energy storage solutions thanks to strong leadership and over twenty years of marketing and business development experience provided by President and founder, Norma Byron.  Under Norma’s leadership, Ashlawn Energy earned the 2011 NorTech Innovation Award and the 2008 Alexandria, Virginia Innovation and Technology Award.
When gas prices were at an all-time high, Norma licensed vanadium redox technology, allowing utilities to store wind or sun generated power.  Ashlawn Energy recently won a grant to develop a one Megawatt demonstration flow battery for the Painesville, Ohio Municipal Power Plant using vanadium redox technology.  Norma’s growth expectations include $120 million in annual sales and a 900-employee work force by 2015.

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