Sharon Bower
Director, Process Engineering & Controls
Houston, TX

“Manufacturing is extremely rewarding.  You contribute to delivering a product the world uses.  You can expect a fast paced environment because production is on a time schedule.  Your skills enhance product quality and contribute to finding ways to manufacture them in the most cost-effective manner. There are endless challenges and opportunities for continuous improvement.”

Sharon manages Process Engineering and Controls Supervision for Gathering and Processing at ConocoPhillips.

Sharon has been a difference maker at ConocoPhillips.  She successfully operated a sour gas facility treating a 300 MMCFD gas stream containing 12% of the highly hazardous H2S gas.  Sharon has seen the facility through significant changes in the safety and environmental areas.  When ConocoPhillips needed a technical and engineering face for the company to the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality, Sharon took the lead. She was instrumental in negotiating the CO2 sales contract and critical to its success. Sharon guided a number of follow-up projects providing greater protection throughout the facility.

Sharon is active within ConocoPhillips mentoring programs and continues to provide invaluable support to the Intern Program and Engineering Academy. 

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