Connie D. Baker
Director of Human Resources
Alexandria, LA

“Manufacturing is the fundamental building block that establishes a nation’s fiscal health.  As production jobs rebound, other industries grow at substantially greater rates.  This economic stream allows America’s workforce to achieve a higher standard of living. “Made in America” will continue to be a significant driver in our economic recovery and growth.”

As Director of Human Resources, Connie is responsible for all employee-related activities at the largest plywood manufacturing facility in North America.  Her advice and counsel is valued and sought-out by others across the organization.  She has a unique perspective of production operations due, in part, to her education as a mechanical engineer.  She takes a linear, methodical approach to processes and systems, and brings an engineer’s understanding of operational needs to projects. She has implemented an employment learning and advancement program called "Pay for Knowledge and Skill.”
Connie is active on the United Way Board of Directors and is passionate about serving others in the community. She also supports Re-Entry Solutions for workers with criminal histories transitioning back into society.  Connie is also a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc.

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