Amy Alberts
Manufacturing Engineering Supervisor
Neenah, WI

“I am passionate about manufacturing in the US because I believe that US suppliers are capable of providing extra value to their customers through exemplary customer service, technical expertise, and world-class quality.  This is critical to maintain a competitive advantage over the alluring labor rates of low cost countries.”

As a Manufacturing Engineering Supervisor, Amy is responsible for the development of electronic assembly manufacturing processes, managing technical staff to guide process optimization, lead continuous improvement projects and work with key customers on new assembly transitions and design improvements for manufacturability.
Amy has done outstanding work with customer engineering, bridging the gap between design ideas and efficient manufacturing.  She has won the respect of many customer engineers, helping to bring in more business to Plexus. Amy is a dedicated Plexus team member that constantly goes the extra mile to make sure she delivers on her commitments.  Amy’s leadership to her team is an all hands on deck approach, which maximizes manufacturing processes.

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