Makenzie Truong
Supervisor, Sustaining Engineering
Fresenius Medical Care - GMQ NA

“It is exciting to see materials and people come together to create something of greater value than any of the individual resources. I love the real-world impact and the tangible outputs of the work we do.”

Makenzie began her career with Fresenius in 2013 and quickly established herself as a collaborative, results-oriented engineer. She was a key contributor in a succession of cost-improvement projects including replacement of a saline injection port in 2014, establishing and qualifying a second-source fiber overwrap in 2015, and qualifying and implementing a lightweight housing alternate material for the company’s F5 dialyzer in 2016. Based on her excellent performance, Makenzie was promoted to Engineering Supervisor, leading cross-functional teams to complete significant projects. Her teams have overcome technical challenges and accomplished major cost improvement projects for Fresenius, including one project that will reach a $1.5M savings by 2021. Through diligence, hard work, and a positive results-oriented approach, Makenzie has risen early in her career to a leadership role. 

Helping other women engineers is a priority for Makenzie. Recently, she engaged with the Utah State University Engineering Department to promote technical internships with the Fresenius Ogden Manufacturing Plant. Additionally, she has participated in multiple STEM education programs for the local high schools and colleges. Makenzie also organized and led the first Fresenius Medical Care Women’s Summit, which united women from multiple Fresenius sites across North America, allowing them to obtain career advice from established leaders, exchange ideas and development opportunities, and network. In addition, the forum provided an opportunity for group feedback to senior operations management in support of the company’s goal of increased diversity in management. 

Makenzie is passionate about giving back to her community and frequently inspires others to do so as well. For instance, she recently organized a group of Fresenius volunteers to complete a cleaning project at a local women’s shelter. Both within Fresenius and in the community, Makenzie truly leads by example. 

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