Kristin Toth     
Value Chain Manager

“Each day in manufacturing poses new opportunities to satisfy the needs of a customer, internal or external. From offering better quality at shorter lead times to more innovative products at better costs, I am passionate about working in teams to identify gaps and find solutions to close them.”

As Value Chain Manager, Kristin’s work has been instrumental in improving key performance indicators at ABB. For example, Kristin nearly doubled the delivery efficiencies of ABB’s key suppliers by leading the implementation of the FLOP 10 program, where data as the main driver was gathered and shared with key and critical vendors to improve and sustain performance. As the company’s customers had regularly experienced negative impacts from late deliveries, this was a crucial improvement.

Kristin’s contribution was also critical in a recent inventory management initiative that required change management, analytics, ERP training, coaching and effective communication throughout the organization. For her role in the process, she received her first Above and Beyond the Call recognition. The success of this initiative has become known as an international benchmark for the company, and Kristin is always proud and glad to share her knowledge with the many who request it.

Kristin’s leadership skills and passion for excellence have allowed her to excel in a management role, even though the employees she manages are significantly more senior than she. For this and other reasons, she is seen as a role model to many newer employees and enjoys serving as a mentor to others. Since Kristin joined ABB with no experience in manufacturing and had to learn from the ground up, she can easily connect with many and encourages her team to learn and excel.

Kristin is actively involved in giving back to the community. She is an active member of ABB’s Helping Hands Committee, where she is not afraid to roll up her sleeves to paint a Habitat for Humanity home or feed the hungry at the Westmoreland Food Bank. She also volunteers with the Rumbaugh Literacy Program, which involves adult readers working with kindergarten students in the Mt. Pleasant Area School District.

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