Jessica Stitt
Project Manager
EFT Analytics 

“I'm passionate about manufacturing because it's exhilarating to watch a concept on a screen grow into a product providing solutions for today's economy and to know that I contributed to that success. I'm honored to be nominated and flattered to be a female role model for others.”

As a project manager for EFT Analytics, a subsidiary of Koch Industries, Jessica is accountable for managing customer engagements and ensuring that deployment of projects run a successful course and meet customer expectations. Jessica’s history in manufacturing and cross-functional leadership has positively impacted both internal and external customer engagements. Leveraging her systems engineering background, Jessica has developed engineering-based tools, processes, metrics and reporting capabilities to drive cross-functional discipline and visibility to enhance project execution strategies. In addition, Jessica is excited about the opportunity to further assist manufacturing facilities with EFT’s Advanced Analytics software. Jessica has directly supported the application of this software in numerous facilities and has continuously provided them support in augmenting critical process optimization areas. Her passion for cultivating transformation in the manufacturing world is reputable.

Jessica is committed to shaping the next generation of female leaders in manufacturing and engineering. She serves as a mentor and advisor to numerous university organizations, including more than 90 women in her former sorority. As an active member of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), Jessica has served as a SWENext advisor and mentored new members of the group. Over the last four years, she has chaired the SWE’s Engineering Expo, which is a free, one-day event for children in grades K-8 in the Wichita, Kansas, area that promotes STEM activities. Under her leadership, the event has grown exponentially, with attendance tripling during her tenure to over 3000 participants and doubling the number of STEM booths. 

Jessica is actively engaged in the STEM community. Her strong belief that STEM education is the critical foundation for building our future economy motivated her to become a founding member of the Spirit Women in Engineering Professions & Technology group, which aims to increase the number of female leaders in manufacturing by offering support and networking opportunities to its members, while promoting professional development, leadership and technical education. 

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