Trudy Stewart
Shift Test Engineer
Huntington Ingalls Industries

“I am passionate about my job because every day there is a new problem to tackle and another opportunity to learn something. I learn tips and tricks on how to operate equipment which allows me to develop more efficient ways on getting the job done.”

As a qualified Shift Test Engineer at Newport News Shipbuilding, Trudy is responsible for the safe operation, maintenance and testing of nuclear reactor plants on Nimitz class aircraft carriers. In 2018, despite having only one year of experience with this qualification, Trudy was selected to lead a diverse team in the transfer of highly radioactive material from an aircraft carrier to on-shore storage—a highly complex process. Trudy’s efforts required long work hours, deep technical knowledge and constant attention, which were closely monitored by senior management and by the U. S. Navy. Due to Trudy’s leadership, training methods, professionalism and technical ability, her team performed flawlessly and completed the task ahead of schedule. 

Trudy often participates in the company’s summer intern events, taking the opportunity to describe her role as a Shift Test Engineer and educating others on the types of responsibilities entrusted to her. Her passion for her job encourages the interns to explore fields that may be less familiar to them. Trudy brings this same enthusiasm to career fairs, recruiting graduating engineers onto the Newport News Shipbuilding team. 

Trudy also mentors newly hired engineers at Newport News. With fewer than one in 20 current Shift Test Engineers being women, Trudy is blazing her own trails in the industry and has become a role model for other female engineers.  

Trudy has generously given time to community causes in her hometown of Hampton, VA. These efforts have included health events, math tutoring at local schools, and participation in cleanup initiatives. Her most significant community service effort has been on behalf of the homeless, where she has spent many hours providing meals and warm clothing to those in need. 

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