Jane Song
Manager, Production, AGCO Power Changzhou
AGCO Corporation 

“As a production manager, I need to work closely together with my colleagues for the best output. I have learned a lot from the work and the people and enjoy it all.”

Jane joined AGCO in June 2014 as a supervisor at the Changzhou, China location of AGCO Power, which manufactures diesel engines for off-road applications. Today, as Production Manager of the facility, Jane is the only female manager in charge of a production role in AGCO China. Through careful management, she improved the loyalty and commitment of production employees to ensure a very low turnover rate in 2018. As a result of Jane’s leadership, the AGCO Power Diesel Production Unit achieved a very low Lost Time Injury level of 0.04, and the team’s total productivity rose to 78.9 percent. Jane was able to achieve these results through careful operator selection, matrix skill training and process-layered control, among other critical efforts.

As a leader, Jane embodies AGCO’s core values of TRAIT: Team Spirit, Respect, Accountability, Integrity and Transparency. In addition to having completed Lean Level 2 training, she is pursuing her MBA at Tongji University and is committed to providing her own team with continuous education opportunities. For example, under Jane’s guidance, more than 90 percent of Changzhou employees have developed 3 station operating matrix skills. Whether she is working with female inspectors on the production line or exchanging ideas for process optimization, Jane’s encouraging spirit has motivated many within AGCO. Additionally, Jane has mentored more than 50 production employees by helping them exceed AGCO Power targets through specified KPIs. 

Outside of AGCO, Jane is passionate about helping others. To support aging individuals in the Wuxi community, Jane leads a team of volunteers to clean homes, help with personal hygiene and lift the spirits of elderly residents. In addition to other volunteer efforts, Jane helped raise funds for a children’s welfare facility that supports youth with intellectual disabilities. Jane’s care and concern for others serves as an example to her family, peers, friends and the community at large.

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