Paige Sommer
Commodity Manager MRO, Services & Equipment
INEOS Olefins & Polymers USA, LLC.

“I have always been fascinated by how things are made and the problem solving involved in producing the things we take for granted in life. Working in manufacturing provides many challenges leading to a stimulating career and an opportunity to impact people far from my personal sphere of influence.”

With an extensive engineering background, Paige brings a deep level of plant site experience and operational data expertise to her role as Commodity Manager MRO, Services & Equipment, for INEOS Olefins & Polymers USA. She has developed many tools to help monitor and react to changes in operational and business information. For example, she was a key participant in a project to replace and upgrade the production-planning model, and led a team of internal and external resources to successfully define and implement a production accounting tool to replace legacy tools that could no longer be supported. These diagnostic tools led to enhanced protocols that are now used by multiple job functions to improve the business, which has resulted in several millions of dollars saved. Additionally, Paige built other tools specifically to address the operating and business challenges associated with major supply and production disruptions. 

Paige has increased organizational depth and provided employees, particularly young women, with opportunities for continued growth and networking. She serves as a mentor for the next generation of talent by sharing her business knowledge and encouraging less experienced employees to practice clear communication.  She had strong impact on a female Propylene Product Specialist (PPS), who worked alongside Paige in her previous role as Propylene Product Manager. Under her guidance the PPS was able to expand her capabilities, skills, network and scope of work for the company. 

Paige has spent over four years supporting the Exploration Green Conservancy—a local non-profit that aims to develop land adjacent to a local storm water detention project into a public park. In addition to supporting the project’s wetlands plantings and community outreach efforts, Paige has served as a lead volunteer for the conservancy’s tree nursery. Paige has also supported her local middle school and high school band programs by chaperoning trips to competitions and serving as a lead volunteer, among other activities. 

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