Kristen Sokolowski
Operating Department Manager
The Procter & Gamble Company

“Manufacturing is so all-encompassing that there is always something new to learn about, allowing me to continually grow. I am able to work with amazing individuals with enormous skill and passion for continuous improvement. I don’t think I could be as challenged, empowered and rewarded in another field of work.”

Kristen has served in numerous capacities within Procter & Gamble (P&G), each of which has played a critical role in developing the expertise she demonstrates today. As the leader of the Customization Department, Kristen led her team to produce a new format of product for an urgent customer need. To overcome challenges with equipment and limited operational capacity, Kristen led a cross-functional team to complete the necessary steps to produce the product in time. Today, as Operating Department Manager, Kristen applies her deep level of experience to continue to achieve more. By utilizing her knowledge from previous roles, Kristen developed a supply chain that delivered the product to the customer five months faster, saving the company over $1M. 

Kristen is passionate about developing the next generation of females in manufacturing. She led the plant's Women's Network for two years, supporting 16 female leaders to provide opportunities for both personal and professional development. She also oversees technical recruiting for P&G at her alma mater. When P&G announced that the manufacturing plant where Kristen works would close, over 500 employees were impacted. By collaborating with the local Employment Office, Kristen provided workshops on resume writing, job searching and the utilization of digital platforms to the plant, as well as personal support to others. Amid the challenges of an impending plant closure, Kristen’s department maintained a strong morale and delivered two breakthrough initiatives.  

Kristen supports a variety of community efforts ranging from judging a local high school Science Fair to organizing a Dragon's Den-style event to help local entrepreneurs connect with angel investors. Through the Chamber of Commerce, Kristen provided strategic guidance to a committee that helped reestablish the Brockville Young Professionals Network. She also serves on the board of Girls Inc., a non-profit organization that has empowered over 1,300 girls in the community with knowledge, skills and STEM exposure.  

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