Barbara Smith
Americas Fabric & Home Care Quality Assurance Associate Director
The Procter & Gamble Company

“Manufacturing is where transformations become reality! Throughout my career, I’ve thrived from the energy, commitment, and “make it happen” grit of our frontline leaders. People are our greatest asset and I get peak satisfaction from developing, mentoring and working with our manufacturing colleagues and being a part of that magic!”

Barbara's role in quality assurance spans 12 manufacturing plants for Procter & Gamble (P&G) Fabric & Home Care (F&HC) and 21 Contract Manufacturers throughout North and Latin America. With a proven track record of delivery, Barbara reduced consumer complaints by 22 percent, quality incidents by 20 percent, and delivered over $5M in YOY savings across a multitude of technologies and product lines. Prior to joining the quality organization, Barbara ran a major Personal Health Care and Oral Care plant in Mexico that distributed products globally. In this role, she delivered more than $30M in savings and a significant increase in throughput, while achieving benchmark safety performance. Barbara’s manufacturing mastery, extensive global supply chain experiences, and calm leadership have enabled her team to demonstrate quality as a catalyst for growth.

Barbara strongly advocates for women in manufacturing and serves as a mentor to over 20 female leaders within P&G, providing guidance on careers in the industry. She willingly lends her time and insights to women (and men) within the organization, who, because of Barbara’s support, continue to see manufacturing as a core capability. Barbara champions both diversity and gender equality by leading the African Ancestry Diversity and Inclusion network for F&HC. As an active member of the NA Women's Network, Barbara regularly participates in training events and leadership panels to share her experiences and discuss how women can be successful within large organizations such as P&G.

Barbara makes a difference in her community through her involvement with numerous organizations. She proudly supports the African Ancestry Community Impaction Vision’s "Adopt a Class" program, in which she serves as a role model to underserved African American students within a Cincinnati school. By coaching students on projects and taking part in career discussions, Barbara helps shape their dreams into future realities. In addition, Barbara actively supports her local church by serving as a regular volunteer who aims to make a lasting impact on others. 

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