Jamie Slyder
Strip Process Engineer
Materion Corporation

“I am passionate about manufacturing because I get to interact with people and work hands on with equipment on a daily basis. I enjoy working with co-workers to provide a safer work environment. I also love the challenge of understanding unique processes and finding improvements in the making of a product.”

Jamie started her career with Materion as a co-op student in 2013. In 2017, despite having no prior metallurgical or product development experience, Jamie took on Materion’s two most complicated product lines and was able to move the products from a cost-neutral position to a position where they now represent 50 percent of their department’s operating profits. Another vital part of Jamie’s current role is product development and pricing, which involves extensive process knowledge. Her quick mastery of these subjects has allowed her to quickly take over several teams, most recently being named to a cross-functional corporate team that sets pricing. 

Jamie has spoken to many women on the importance of women entering and staying in the STEM fields. Her first experience with this engagement took place when she was a co-op student, returning to the University of Toledo to speak with first-year engineers. As she develops as a mentor and leader, Jamie is asked more and more often to participate in career fairs. Additionally, during this time, she has served as a mentor to Materion’s incoming co-op students. Jamie is very valuable in representing Materion at different events, and serves as a model to women engineers.

Jamie volunteers with the disabled through the Sunshine Community group home in Toledo, an organization that provides opportunities for its residents to live the fullest lives possible. She finds this to be her most impactful volunteer work, as she can contribute at many levels, from helping train individuals to work in the community’s coffee shop to pairing with those so severely challenged that they cannot care for themselves without help. Jamie's favorite Sunshine Community event is the Walk and Roll, where she pairs with wheelchair users to dance with and wheel them through the streets of Toledo during the community’s annual fundraiser. 

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