Kathleen Slocum
Senior Manager, Corporate Quality
Cooper Tire & Rubber Company 

“My passion for the manufacturing industry is based on finding unique process improvement solutions using data-driven approaches. These methods allow me to develop individuals including operators on the plant floor, supervisors or engineers in understanding the process linkages and impacts from the raw material stage to the finished product.”

With over 20 years of experience in manufacturing, Kathleen has allowed Cooper Tire & Rubber Company to achieve a host of successful improvements in process capabilities and tire ride quality. As Senior Manager, Corporate Quality, Kathleen leads various quality initiatives across Cooper manufacturing plants. For example, Kathleen led her team to develop global tools that allow every plant to easily analyze data while incorporating traceability. Several changes were made possible through the re-development of the Quality pillar in the Cooper Production System (CPS), and ultimately, these changes resulted in Kathleen and her team earning Cooper Tire’s prestigious Chairman’s Award for the globalization of CPS. These achievements have allowed Cooper Tire to exhibit the highest level of commitment to quality for its customers.

Kathleen has often been the only woman on a team throughout her career in manufacturing, which has  made her keenly aware of the challenges women in the industry may face. She has used this background and firsthand knowledge to support women in manufacturing around the world, providing ample opportunities for growth and development to many. With 50 percent of Kathleen’s team being female, she has had a significant impact on the next generation of female talent through ongoing mentoring, coaching, development and recognition.  

Kathleen has had a strong impact on the community, where she has been actively involved in local career days to promote Cooper Tire and engineering to local youth. In addition to having served as director of the high-technology camp Virtual Venture, Kathleen has been a leader in the development of a fully interactive free science and engineering booth at the Central Exhibition in Ontario. Kathleen also strongly supports the arts community through her work with the Findlay Art League, and is a member of the International Women of Hancock County.  

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