Courtney Silver
Ketchie Inc. 

 “I find manufacturing incredibly motivating because it gives me opportunities to be part of a team that produces tangible precision machined part solutions that are essential to keeping our entire world up and running.”

Courtney came to Ketchie in 2008 to join her future husband Bobby in running his family’s third-generation machine shop. Bringing her wealth of supply chain management knowledge, she and Bobby were prepared to continue propelling Ketchie forward. When Bobby lost his battle with brain cancer in 2014, Courtney continued to run the company despite the trials and tribulations that followed. Amid challenging personal circumstances and the companywide effects of Bobby’s passing, Courtney returned to work with an incredible dedication and focus on leading her team to success. Thanks to Courtney’s leadership, new goals were established and a bright future for Ketchie was secured. By preserving the tradition of craftsmanship that goes into every part her company makes, Courtney is determined to pass the legacy of Ketchie on to the next generation. 

Courtney strongly supports the future of manufacturing. She is active with the North Carolina Manufacturing Institute, the Small and Medium Manufacturers Board for the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), and her local Women in Manufacturing chapter. Under her leadership, Ketchie also hosts community college students and participates in Manufacturing Day activities with local high schoolers. She also serves as a trusted mentor whose guidance has helped others grow within their roles at Ketchie, while maintaining work-life balance.  

Courtney freely lends her time and resources to many local charities. From preparing meals for youth at a local shelter to participating in church activities, she aims to lead by example through faith and service. Ketchie’s long-term partnership with Cooperative Christian Ministry has helped provide housing, education, food and financial assistance to those in need. Additionally, Courtney has spent time working with women in Ghana and ministering to children in Haiti. She is a true community leader and when eastern North Carolina was impacted by flooding due to hurricanes, Courtney directed her team to reach out to customers in the affected areas to determine if any of their employees needed assistance. 

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