Megan Rupert
Master Scheduler
Caterpillar Inc.

“To see a finished product roll off the line knowing so many people were involved in the production is exciting. Manufacturing affects everyone, in some way. I am proud to be a part of such a large industry that works to improve our world and the lives of those involved”

As a Master Scheduler, Megan has managed drastic demand changes at Caterpillar Inc. ranging from record low sales to an over 200 percent increase in large tractor demand. When factory production was past due, Megan created a custom material tracking system that was key to providing weekly updates to upper management on the ramp up and recovery of the company’s Undercarriage facility.  Currently scheduling two separate facilities, Megan is the first scheduler with new production assembly lines in East Peoria, IL in over 20 years. In addition, Megan helped integrate human resource data into a Tableau server for easy access for Human Resources employees, along with the ability to create charts, summaries and graphs within seconds. 

Through the Caterpillar Leadership and Technical Program for Supply Chain Management, Megan travels to schools throughout the Midwest to recruit future talent for Caterpillar. She has served as a mentor to many corporate interns, providing guidance and opportunities to shadow her during typical days of scheduling assembly lines. Megan’s leadership has sparked many corporate interns to apply, and be accepted, into leadership programs at Caterpillar. By working closely with women at Caterpillar and sparking excitement about the manufacturing supply chain, Megan aims to create a diverse manufacturing workforce. As a class instructor at Bradley University, Megan has also mentored students through her Industrial Engineering course, along with providing guidance and real-life examples from her career.

Megan is very involved in community outreach programs through Caterpillar, as well as personally. As an active volunteer for Corn Stock Theatre, Megan creates and executes lighting designs for the production of theatrical entertainment performances for people of all ages. Additionally, she shares her passion for the arts by volunteering at local high schools to support the production of musicals and plays. Megan also served on the board of her local APICS (Association for Supply Chain Management) chapter.

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