Kelly Randall
Manufacturing Process Engineer
Hypertherm, Inc.

“I have always found myself fascinated with how things are made. I love the challenge of taking someone’s brainchild from paper to physical reality. Watching the process you had a hand in creating transform raw materials into usable items is incredibly rewarding.”

Kelly is known at Hypertherm as an efficient and inventive problem solver. For instance, when Hypertherm’s Cell 43 was plagued by bottlenecks and inefficiency, Kelly led a team that implemented a “first in, first out” process flow and re-engineered the cell’s layout so that it occupied much less square footage, eliminating unnecessary operator movement. This led to a doubling of the cell’s output, for which Kelly received an Operational Excellence Spotlight award. Kelly also led a project in Cell 67, where she surpassed all expectations by creating the first operations cell at Hypertherm capable of processing parts unattended. This has led to a half-million dollars in annual savings to the company.

As a young Process Engineer, Kelly has already made significant impacts to the manufacturing and engineering fields, and she is generous with sharing her knowledge. At Hypertherm, she has coached a team on lean principles, mentored a coworker working toward her Six-Sigma Green Belt, taught lean and Six-Sigma sessions on process and value stream mapping, taught lean standards during new hire orientation, and attended several conferences to promote best practices. 

Kelly generously shares her knowledge with the community as well. She’s a core contributor to New Hampshire’s Girls Technology Day, developing and leading programming for its 100-plus students. She’s also helped create a partnership between the FIRST Lego League (FLL) program and Dartmouth College, bringing schools, clubs and mentors together and running an annual FLL qualifying tournament. Starting as a Dartmouth student, Kelly tirelessly recruited judges, referees and fellow students to this program and helped run the New Hampshire Regional Qualifying Tournament hosted at the school. Almost 10 years later, Kelly continues her involvement with this tournament as head referee and as a trainer for incoming judges and referees.

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