Gina Radke
Chief Executive Officer
Galley Support Innovations

“I am passionate about manufacturing because I believe it is the unsung hero of the American economic engine. Manufacturing allows America to be self-sufficient. I want the world to know that manufacturing is a worthy and respectable occupation. It is ever changing and advancing.”

In 2005, Gina and Wade Radke purchased an aircraft interior hardware line from a struggling business in California and brought the product line to Sherwood, AR. Galley Support Innovations (GSI) was born out of a determination to launch a successful business and change lives. As Chief Executive Officer, Gina has transformed GSI from $10K in sales per year to become a multimillion-dollar organization in only a few years. She achieved this by designing and implementing groundbreaking processes for quality control, operations and production. Her efforts were recognized in 2016 when Gina was selected by the Small Business Administration as Arkansas’s Small Businessperson of the Year. This is just one example of Gina’s countless accolades, which honor and recognize her far reaching professional and community achievements. 

Mentoring female talent is one of Gina’s true passions. She works closely with Job Core and AR Workforce, where she serves on the AR Career Education & Workforce Development Board, to help young women gain the experience they need to open educational and career opportunities. She has encouraged hundreds of women throughout their educational journeys, working with female students who are active in STEM through numerous speaking engagements and activities. Within GSI, women comprise 50 percent of leadership and key positions—a testament to her dedication to advancing the careers of women in her industry.  

Gina’s impact spans beyond GSI, as she continually goes to great lengths to build and invest in people. She aims to make a difference in the community by empowering others to reach their full potential, regardless of their background. Under Gina’s leadership, GSI has trained hundreds of employees who came from prison, rehab and other difficult situations—providing them with new beginnings and hope for the future. In addition to providing job opportunities, Gina and her husband have made affordable housing possible for these employees and others. Gina also works with Immerse, an organization that serves youth who age out of foster care, in addition to numerous other involvements. 

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