Shilpa Patel
Regional Purchasing Director
Faurecia Interiors North America

“Manufacturing is one of the few industries that attracts diversity of skill, culture and thought. Its dynamic, fast-paced nature brings about a constant evolution of innovation. I love the constant challenge; it empowers me to grow professionally and personally in ways I never imagined – there’s never a dull moment!”

Over the last 18 years, Shilpa has made significant contributions to both Faurecia and the automotive industry as a whole. As the Regional Purchasing Director for Faurecia Interior Systems North America, she oversees four plants and drives continuous improvement projects to reduce costs and improve efficiencies. Within her first year in the position, Shilpa helped identify more than $2M in material savings. With an eye for waste reduction and a rigor to implement key material changes, Shilpa brings a unique focus to Faurecia’s manufacturing capabilities. She regularly works with various teams to improve scrap material recovery, segregation, recycling and reintegration. Her efforts have resulted in a drastic reduction to landfill waste, and generated $1.2M in annualized cost savings. 

In recognition of her talent and willingness to help others, Shilpa was selected for the company’s mentorship program and is currently guiding the careers of two high-potential manufacturing employees. She serves as an informal mentor to numerous women at Faurecia, including interns and entry-level employees who are part of the company’s rotational development program. As a board member of the Diversity and Inclusion Group, Shilpa is committed to furthering women at all Faurecia sites across North America. In addition to being a member of the Automotive Women’s Alliance Foundation, Shilpa offers encouragement to women in manufacturing and automotive industries by attending and promoting numerous external diversity events. 

Shilpa’s leadership has also had a tremendous impact on the community. For example, she recently helped her site raise more than 54,000 meals for a local food bank as part of Faurecia’s annual food drive. In its ninth year, the annual food drive raised over 7.6 million meals for Faurecia's local communities. Her community efforts inspired her own daughter to subsequently organize a volunteer day to support the food bank. In addition to supporting Gleaners Community Food Bank, Shilpa has served as a volunteer within her children’s schools and Girl Scout troop.

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